I have a doctorate in Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design from Clemson University [Dissertation: "Revolutions of Virtues: Revisiting the Underpinnings of Rhetorical Education" — defended/published May, 2021].

I'm a full-time marketer, who specializes in content creation, SEO research, copy editing, email campaigns, copywriting, website management, and more.

While working in the private sector, I've been fortunate enough to gain firsthand experience in the following areas:

  • Content Generation: blog writing; sell-to/landing page creation; web design

  • Email Marketing: manage domestic campaigns and operate EMS account, design original templates and content for biweekly newsletter; collaborate cross-departmentally for specialized campaigns

  • Copy Editing: proofreading & mechanical editing; developmental & structural editing; SEO boosting/auditing; rewriting

  • Content Auditing: ROT analysis; SEO analysis; data analytics

  • Coding/Uploading: basic HTML & CSS

  • A/B Testing: brainstorm, schedule, carry out, and collect data for multiple/concurring content & structural experiments throughout website

– Eric Hamilton, PhD